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Hard & Soft Commodities

UCL Energy Group has an energetic, ambitious and growing commodities department which caters for commodities needs of our ever-growing international commodities clientele.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced traders are a leading force in the global commodities trade, sourcing directly from some of the best producers worldwide through off-takes, purchases and marketing arrangements.

We participate in a wide range of commodities markets, trading with serious, fully approved business partners from all continents. Some of the key commodities we trade are listed below.

We have done our due-diligence in identifying the right suppliers for our listed commodities. Please send your Letter of Intent on your Company Headed paper, with wet signatures, to:-

UCL Energy Group Limited

40 Bank Street,

Canary Wharf,

London, E14 5NR



Metals & Minerals, Metallurgy Copper Cathode, Iron Ore, Gold, Rough/Polished Diamonds

Oil & Gas

Nigerian Crude Oil Grades, Saudi Light Crude Oil, Oman Blend Crude Oil, Dubai Blend Crude Oil,  Nigerian Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs), Propane, Butane, Propane Plus, Mix Propane & Butane, LPG, LNG, Diesel 10PPM to 1000PPMM, Various Grades of Jet Fuel, Bitumen (all grades), CST 180, 270, 380,  Fuel Oil (Low Sulphur), Ammonia, .


Edible Oils, Rice, Coffee, Sugar, Halal Foods.

Precious Metals & Precious Stones

The UCL Energy Group is proud of its reputation as a supplier of premium class precious metals and precious stones. We represent well-established suppliers with market presence and reliability for supply of commodities such and gold and investment diamonds. We trade precious metals such as gold in its various forms, such gold bullion, gold dust, and gold bars.

UCL is able to supply to specific requirements of our customers, whether it’s gold bullion you need or any other form of gold. As our company represents several major producers of precious stones, we are able to fulfil demand for polished stones, such as investment diamonds or supply rough diamonds, meeting both large and small orders.

Our commodities trading team is happy to advise and assist with any queries you may have regarding precious metals and precious stones. Allow us to fulfil your specific needs for these commodities to your particular requirements and specifications.


The UCL Energy Group is a leading participant in the global metals trade, sourcing directly from producers worldwide through off-takes, purchases and marketing arrangements. The team sources metal from smelters and sells to industrial consumers.

With the UCL Energy Group’s expertise in risk management, logistics and in-depth knowledge of key consumer markets, our metals business is able to offer metal producers and consumers competitive solutions. The metals team has the capability to work with customers from a spot basis to multi-year structured transactions.

The UCL Energy Group has established base metals teams in Dubai and London. We trade copper, aluminium, lead, zinc, nickel and tin across the physical and financial hubs of Asia, Europe and America. Our team in Dubai and London is dedicated to trading all base metals and is fully integrated within our varied activities across China and Asia.

Iron Ore

As one of the world’s top suppliers, the UCL Energy Group maintains a range of assets and origination points within operations stretching from India to Australia and to Europe – giving us critical mass at key origination and delivery points.

The Iron Ore division experienced some challenging years, with continuing weakness in Iron Ore prices combines with a 28 percent decline in tonnage. This came from decreased demand in China with the traditional Indian origination market continuing to see substantial year-on-year declines in export volumes. The trend of declining India exports is not expected to be reversed in 2014/2015.

Agricultural Produce

The UCL Energy Group has developed strong trading relations with producers of agricultural products in different countries across the Globe to bring the best quality produce for our clients and consumers.  We only work with strictly ethnical suppliers who pay fair wages to their employees and use environmentally-friendly agricultural practices. Our trading is also aimed at making a positive impact, both on the lives of agricultural workers and their families, and also on the countries they live in.

Our team trades in a variety of agricultural produce including Rice, Cotton, Sugar, Coffee, and Tea; however, if you wish to buy any other produce, our team can source the best prices and quality from our huge data base of producers from around the world.

Trading commodities is the core of our business. Our teams are highly experienced with more than 25 years of spot and physical trading of Brent Oil, Gold, Silver and soft commodities. The Group continuously assesses the range of opportunities that are being presented, both domestically and internationally. Our market position and access to strategically located oil storage facilities and pipelines provides us with invaluable market positioning insight for future growth.

Our trading capabilities have been strengthened, with staff being added across our product teams and further developed by our access to logistics infrastructure across several Continents.

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