Strive not to be a success, but rather to be a value.

UCL Group Synopsis

The Company is devoted to securing a lasting success of all our commercial activities, including Energy and other related products. The group is involved in a wide range of activities in the energy, shipping, offshore, and retail business sectors.

Strategic Direction

UCL Group’s aspiration is to continue building a world class business. This will be achieved through aggressive investment for a long term profitable growth, combining focused innovation, a performance based culture, and the philosophy of constant care to build and maintain a leading position in the Oil and energy related trading environment.


The Executive Board of UCL Group handles day to day management and is responsible for the financial results as well as business growth. UCL Group’s deeply held values govern the way we deal with our partners, customers and society in general. Our customers are from all parts of the word yet we treat everyone with the same set of basic values, constant care, humility, honesty, integrity, and most importantly, our valued reputation.

Our Diversity

UCL Group with our presence on the major global business hubs, is operating mainly in the energy and shipping industry. The Company’s trading unit is heavily involved in the trading of oil and energy related products, whilst the shipping arm of the company provides comprehensive service meeting the needs of our clients which may be anything from a small cargo to major oil and gas transportation.

Trading commodities is the core of our business. Our teams are highly experienced with more than 25 years of spot and physical trading of Brent Oil, Gold, Silver and soft commodities.

The Group continuously assesses the range of opportunities being presented both domestically and internationally. These opportunities embrace the logistics associated with the emerging industry, export opportunities, risk management and marketing or downstream sectors. Our arrangements and access to strategically located oil liquids storage facilities and pipelines provide us with invaluable market positioning and insight for future growth.

Our trading capabilities have been strengthened with staff being added across our product teams and further developed from our access to the best logistics infrastructure across several countries.

UCL Group leads the way as one of the foremost independent traders of crude oil. We source barrels worldwide and have access to all the key crude grades.

Our Vision 

The UCL Group recognises that our partners and partnerships are most valuable. The Company understands and appreciates the circumstances, needs and goals of our partners, and delivers on given promises. The UCL Group respects the people we work with, helps our partners to succeed and contributes to a positive working environment.

We are dedicated to mastering challenges through creative problem solving and through innovative commercial solutions based on our values. The Company’s strong, broad technical and commercial competencies help us to find simple solutions to complex problems.

The UCL Group continues to improve our expertise in recognising opportunities, understanding and managing financial risk. We empower our team to deliver within the given time-frame using proven and effective processes. The key to our success is our passion, stoic determination and commitment to meet the most challenging commercial objectives.

Our vision is to continue building successful, enduring partnerships with our clients, thereby establishing the financial strength and sustainable growth of the Company for the benefit of its stakeholders. We take a carefully considered, long term perspective, and believe in steady growth, building individual professional relationships based on integrity, trust and the highly valued recommendations of our clients.